Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had thanksgiving at my cousins, Jesse and haley's house. They have a big dog(labradoodle) named Weston that always wanted to play with me, but he is so much bigger than me that I sometimes liked it, but mostly didn't. I had fun exploring the house though, they have lots of rooms and doors that I can open, so I took a lot of joy in opening and closing cupboard doors. I am doing well and growing fast. I am still working on saying more words. Yesterday, mommy and I put up the christmas tree together. I helped put up a couple of ornaments, but I discovered that it is more fun to take them down than to keep them on the tree. Mom has lots of boxes of christmas stuff, so I had fun getting into each one of them. I think she was more tired than I was from making sure that I didn't break anything. All the breakables are up high, so I can't reach the pretties. I hope that you have a great rest of your weekend. It has been fun having mom and dad both home most of the day the past couple of days. They are my entertainment. Bye for now.