Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween and I am so excited. I get to go trick or treating for the very first time.
I am going to be a little pumpkin. Mommy went and bought me a orange shirt with a pumpkin on it to wear underneath my costume. We had a busy day, mom and dad went to get their license changed over so we are now official residents of Florida. Then we went to Costco and did a little shopping and had a treat there for lunch---a hot dog and berry ice cream---yummy! I even got to have some of mommy's soda. Then we went to a couple more stores and just did this and that around the house. I am working on going potty on the potty, so this week has been all about mommy saying, "Okay, time to sit on the potty!" Hopefully I will figure this out soon, because this is all we do most of the day, back and forth.....when I get it figured out, I get to wear big girl panties! Yay!

We went to a trunk or treat night at a church just down the road from us---I got to play in the bounce house and then play a few games and got a little bit of candy and some special things. It was a good day and a good night. How was your Halloween. Have a great rest of your week.  Bye for now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

a different kind of pumpkin patch

We went to a pumpkin farm is our tradition, so I got to walk around in the pumpkins and pick my very own. I picked up 3 or 4, but always went back to the 1st one....There were farm animals there too, chickens, goats, ostrichs, pigs, bunnies etc. It is beautiful here right now. It is so new getting used to the fall "season" here since the trees don't change color.
I have been enjoying being outside pretty much anytime I want and I don't really need a jacket. Well, I thought I'd have mom share some pictures with you, so here was our adventure for Monday.. I hope you have a great week...Bye for now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Mommy and I had a painting day today. I really need some fingerpaints, we just use acrylic paints that mommy has, but I would like my very own paints.....I need some bright colors. I think this would be called my "dark period", what do you think? It is cooler here today, so it feels like fall. Mom put my yellow pullover on me when we went outside. I chose it, it is so soft and snuggly, I just love it. There isn't much new going on here, just the same old thing, so until something more exciting happens, mom will probably just be putting pictures up...hope things are going well for you.. Bye for now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

riding my tricycle

I learned how to ride my tricycle this past week, I do pretty well with pedaling, but the steering is still a bit of a challenge for me. I like to ride my bike though. We went for a walk in the trees the other day and found a really fun playground. We will have to go check it out again. I'll have mom show you some pictures another day, but I wanted to let you all see how well I am riding my tryke. The weather here is beautiful. It is feeling a bit like fall here, so I can be outside a little bit more than I had been able to a week or so ago. Enjoy! Bye for now