Friday, March 19, 2010


Since the last two day were so beautiful, mommy and I decided to go on a picnic.We sat under a tree and had strawberries, pasta wheels, string cheese and some leftover blueberry pancake. I walked all over on the grass and decided then that I was a big girl and could walk wherever I wanted. Of course, I made sure that mommy was close by though. I met some more kids that were just my age too. We had fun playing together. Daddy and mommy and I went for a walk together and went to the park and I got to swing. I love to swing. I giggle and giggle when the wind goes through my hair. Tomorrow will be my 13 month birthday. I am getting so big. I am walking more and more each day and have learned how to not only go up the stairs, but also to go down the stairs. I always make sure to turn around and go backwards so I don't hurt myself. I cruise down the steps. I am so fast that I keep mommy on her toes for sure. I hope that you have a great weekend. Enjoy the pictures. Bye for now.

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