Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween and I am so excited. I get to go trick or treating for the very first time.
I am going to be a little pumpkin. Mommy went and bought me a orange shirt with a pumpkin on it to wear underneath my costume. We had a busy day, mom and dad went to get their license changed over so we are now official residents of Florida. Then we went to Costco and did a little shopping and had a treat there for lunch---a hot dog and berry ice cream---yummy! I even got to have some of mommy's soda. Then we went to a couple more stores and just did this and that around the house. I am working on going potty on the potty, so this week has been all about mommy saying, "Okay, time to sit on the potty!" Hopefully I will figure this out soon, because this is all we do most of the day, back and forth.....when I get it figured out, I get to wear big girl panties! Yay!

We went to a trunk or treat night at a church just down the road from us---I got to play in the bounce house and then play a few games and got a little bit of candy and some special things. It was a good day and a good night. How was your Halloween. Have a great rest of your week.  Bye for now.

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