Monday, June 8, 2009

Behold the Power Nap

This should have been written on Friday, but mom got a little busy, so bear with her please. I have to admit I was a handful that day. For some reason I decided I only needed 10 minute naps instead of my usual 30-45 minute ones. Mom would just get started on something and I would wake up, oh well, I only needed to recharge my batteries, I didn't need any more time than that...she should be glad I at least took some nap, what's with the complaining anyway?!

I had a very busy weekend too, so I am a tired girl, we went
to church and then the church people had a surprise reception for my daddy's recent graduation from seminary, (whatever that is...). I was the center of attention of course, then we went to uncle Terry and aunt Mel's house and I got to meet some more friends and family. Whew!!!

Anyway, today was my regrouping day, time to just veg and sleep and get back to myself...hopefully tomorrow I will be back to my normal cheery self. I'll get on mom about writing more regularly, I have people to keep up with and who want to know about me too. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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