Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lions & Tigers & ....Giraffes?!

Welcome to my safari...if mom did things right, you should be able to see more pictures of it along the side of the blog, if not, be patient, she is still learning all the ins and outs of this blog deal...

I will get to know my animals before most little girls, because I have wide variety in my room (even snakes and alligators). Mom found these really cool stickers you can put on the wall at the dollar store, so she has decorated the walls with them. They peel right off, so they don't hurt the wall, that's the best part about them, other than being just a dollar.

Well, this week has been much quieter than the past few weeks. Not much new happening here, I do the same old, same old, still working on the tummy to back thing, will I ever get it?!

Grandma and Grandpa B are coming for a visit tomorrow for the weekend, so I wonder what fun things we will do together. Thanks for visiting my room.

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