Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8 months

Sorry it has taken so long to get anything up here, mom got busy with working a little bit more, so she hasn't sat down to type out my latest adventures for me. I have been quite busy so far this month. I went to another pumpkin patch with my grandpa & grandma and then spent a couple of day with my other grandma. I am still pulling up on everything and I can even stand by myself, without holding onto anything, for a few seconds before falling down. I get around pretty well too, not liking to sit still for too long. All of mom's scrapbook stuff is fun to get into too. It is all within my reach, she may have to rethink that....anyway. I went outside today and looked at the beautiful snow. I can't wait to be able to play in it, I think I would get lost in it right now, so for now I'll just stand with mom or dad on the step and look at it. We were all snowed in today, so we spent the day together. It was a fun time. That's about all for now..hope you are staying warm and enjoying your end of October. Do you have any Halloween plans? Bye for now....

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