Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry 1st Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody, so it's a day late, oh well.
I had a good Christmas. I got some clothes, from mommy, and some
toys from the aunts and uncles and a few other fun things. I can pull myself to a standing position without any help, and stand for a little bit, but I haven't taken any steps yet. Mom and dad can wait a bit longer for that next milestone. I am still loving to babble and tell lots of stories, some are louder and longer than they may need to be, but I want to make sure that everyone knows what is going on with me. I have two teeth on the bottom and they are sharp, I accidentally bit mom the other day. I guess she knows now to keep her finger out of my mouth (hee hee). This is me in my new Christmas Eve dress. I actually kept my shoes on the whole night too. That was a first for me, I don't like things on my feet. It was so cold, mom thought I should cover my toes too. My grandma came to visit with me, so we have been having fun shopping and just being together too. My other grandma and grandpa will be coming this weekend for New Years, I wonder what we will do together. I hope that you have a wonderfully blessed New Year. I know that I will be learning and growing and I hope you will join me in my next adventures. I will leave you with a couple more pictures of me and my first Christmas. Take care of you and bye for now...

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