Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Day!

Hi again, Here I am, doing what I do most every, eat,sleep (sometimes) and play some more. There isn't much new going on with me. I am still not walking, but I am good at walking around things that I am holding onto. I think it could be anyday now that I am confident enough to take that "first" step. I am eating some grown-up foods now though, (see the picture above of me and my lasagna) I am letting you know that, indeed, I am "so big". I have a cold right now, so mom and dad are always wiping my nose. I HHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEE that.....I don't care if it runs. :0) Anyway, my nose is sore from all the wiping. I think that I may have passed on my cold to mom and dad too. I guess what goes around, comes around, or something like that. Well, I hope that you enjoy the pictures, that's about all for now. Have a wonderful weekend. Bye for now.

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