Monday, August 23, 2010

18 month check

Hi was my 18 month old check with the doctor. It went okay. I found out that I am 2 feet, 7 inches tall, I weigh 18 pounds and 14 ounces and my head circumference is 18.19 inches around. I am little so mom is going to have to feed me things with more fat in them. I still don't like meat, so I am going to be taking a multi-vitamin too, to bump up the vitamins I am missing from the meat. I am pretty active so all that I eat seems to just melt off of me. Otherwise the doctor said I was doing great. I am still working on my words. I can jabber up a storm, with all the effort, but getting understood is another story. Anyway, mom and dad and me are just vegging out today. I hope that you have a great week. Bye for now.

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