Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seven falls

We went to Seven Falls in Colorado Springs yesterday. It was a fun day. I am getting good at hiking too. The waterfalls were really pretty and amazing. Dad carried me in the backpack up the long stairs. I got to get out and hike for awhile when we got to the top. I had to sit and take a break every once in awhile, but then I'd get up and go some more. I was a dirty, dirty girl, I guess that's what happens when I play in the dirt. I may have eaten a rock or two too, but I'm ok. It is always fun when we get to do things together as a family. Daddy took the day off, so we could spend it together. Mommy and daddy thought I would be really tired today, but I wasn't so I didn't take very much of a nap. Tomorrow, we get to go to a BBQ after church. I'm sure it will be fun too. I don't have much else to say, I hope you have a good rest of your weekend. Bye for now.

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