Tuesday, July 28, 2009

that's my baby face

I am doing lots of moving around lately. I try to get myself up to a crawl, but my arms and legs don't seem to get the hang of it quite yet, so I just scoot around on my belly. It's amazing how fast I can get around and now that I have the rolling over and around down, I can go even faster, look out world once I get to crawling, there ain't no stopping me....We are going on a trip this weekend, going to NE to visit grandma and grandpa and to meet my other cousins and the great grandparents.
How exciting! I wonder how I will do in the car for 6 hours?! I'll let you know. We'll be back on Monday night, so it's not too long of a trip. Do you have any fun
weekend plans?? We'll talk again soon. Bye for now....

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