Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Almost Crawling

Here I am, almost crawling....I can stand up on all fours and move my legs, but my arms and legs don't seem to want to move together. I somehow either end up on my head or on my belly and then do my flying maneuver. Mom and dad are getting the house ready for my crawling debut, gates and locking devices, so I can see what I can get into and what really works well. I have become quite the little screamer too, especially when mom takes me shopping, I must let everyone know that I am there too. Don't forget about me....:) I am growing, I just had my six month pictures taken and I was a challenge for the lady taking my picture, she would try to pose me a certain way and then I would move all over, so she just went with it and they turned out real well anyway. Grandpa and Grandma B are coming again this weekend, so mom is getting things ready for their visit. I hope that you have a good weekend..I am doing very well and enjoying all the attention. Bye for now.

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