Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I was hand-picked....My mommy told me that before time began Jesus hand-picked me to come and live with them. Because my birthmom and birthdad love me so much they wanted me to have the best life I could have so they hand-picked my mommy and daddy to love me and raise me as their own. I am so happy to have been hand-picked to be part of this family. I feel so blessed and thankful to my birthparents for their love and for making this most difficult decision. I'm glad that I get to visit with them and get to know them too. They get to see how I have changed and grown and how very loved and taken care of I am each time we see one another. I hope that in some small way this helps them know that they made the right choice. Thank you.

I am doing well. I am doing the army crawl and sometimes taking a few steps on all fours before I fall on my tummy. I can get around pretty quickly though, keeps mom and dad on their toes. I am eating some solids again too, tried sweet potatoes and bananas. It took a few days to like the sweet potatoes, but the bananas were much better. I also like oatmeal much better than rice cereal. I have learned a trick, when I don't want to eat anymore, I just stick my tongue out and then there is no way you're getting any food in my mouth. It works like a charm. That's about all that has been happening with me lately. Bye for now.

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